Character Description

Note: This is a first detailed description of the characters. The film producers are open to suggestions for an international cast due to the distribution market for which the film will be intended.


"Throwing such a young protagonist into such a dark and gritty world is a surefire way to gain some very compelling and even heart wrenching drama out of any situation. Maria herself feels well crafted and the way she behaves and speaks feels very age appropriate. Her character is also very strong from an audience standpoint – the very nature of her character gives her a great deal of audience sympathy and she seems to have a lingering quest for independence that makes her very easy to empathize with. We were all children once, looking for a place to fit in."

"the staff at Script Savvy"

Cornel Martan

"Of all the characters, Martan is the most strongly active and really the most prominent role in the story. There’s a sense in the script that Maria and Martan are the protagonist. 

Martan, like Maria, is a well-rendered character that is easy to empathize and sympathize with, and has the strength of a very active character allowing the audience to be even more invested in him.  He reminds us of Jack Nicholson in “Chinatown” whose detective gets in too deep into a case in part to make up for past failings and mistakes.

Martan and his wife were separated because they had a child who died, a child that Martan couldn’t save. His search for Maria is a way of reconciling his past failing. He has a personal investment in Maria perhaps because his own daughter was lost years ago. By succeeding now, he can right a past wrong."

                                                                                                          "the staff at Script Savvy"

Uncle Bocu

"Uncle Bocu is the antagonist of this story. His introduction as a circus Clown is easily one of the most powerful moments in the script if only for the great sense of dread and creepiness it instills. Bocu himself appears to be a very eccentric sort of character. He is using the children to earn money as a means to an unknown end and he is speaking about religion as if he believes he is on a divine mission. There are hints that he may be so disgusted with the child abductions that he is essentially taking children himself as a means of protecting them – a very dark, twisted and powerful character turn."

                                                                                                          "the staff at Script Savvy"