Saturday, December 3, 2011

About the Film



In the same night her parents die in a tragic accident, 7-year-old Maria finds herself wandering the dangerous streets of Bucharest, where she falls in with a group of street children living in the city’s subways and sewer system, ruled by a wicked clown and his spouse. Cezar Martan-Gradișteanu, an old and rusty Commissioner is the one searching the underground of old Bucharest for the little girl and her doll.  


When a car accident leaves her father dead and her mother lying in a coma, the 7-year-old Maria finds herself lost on the streets of Bucharest with only her doll, Dolly, as for companionship. Coaxed outside of her house, by the dog of a strange Circus Clown she met, Maria finds herself lost onto the dangerous streets where prostitution and drugs are rampant and children are kidnapped on a regular basis.

She finds refuge with a 6-year-old boy, Ionutz, and a group of street children, who were living underneath the city, in the sewers, in subways channels, by their own laws, under their own system, all invented by a strange older couple, Aunt Gina and Uncle Bocu, two hustlers who take advantage of the kids they pretend to care for by using them to beg on the streets. As she lads there Uncle Bocu wants to make Maria part of their “family.” 

During the time Maria spends with the group, it is revealed that Bocu is actually the strange Circus Clown that she once encountered, and kidnapping her, was part of his plan. 

With her mother still lying helpless in the hospital, friends of Maria’s family enlist the help of a detective, Cezar Grădișteanu-Martan, a man with a broken soul. Cezar specializes in missing persons and child-related crimes. He has his own personal drama. He launches a full-scale investigation to find the girl. Time is running out though and if Martan doesn’t hurry they may never find Maria again. 

Even if they do, Uncle Bocu might not be so willing to give up the new member of his “family.” 

Maria's Concert - Rachmaninoff's Rapsody